NECOLANTIS AI-picture book for English speakers and learners

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A I generated picture book, NECOLANTIS  The great adventure of Rio and friends is a picture book about the great adventure of brave cats.

Once upon a time, cats were sea creatures. They lived peacefully in “Necolantis”, a kingdom built at the bottom of the sea.

One day, “Zome”, a monster of an octopus, attacked the kingdom, killed the king and queen, and took control of the castle.

The king and queen escaped several kittens from the castle before the octopus attacked them. One of them was their son, “Rio”.

Rio, now grown, knows his destiny and gathers his friends to take revenge on Zome, the avenger of his parents, and take back his kingdom.

This picture book is available in the Amazon kindle store. You can choose e-book or paperback.

A heartwarming picture book starring cats! An enchanting story for all ages. Don’t miss out!

A second book in the series, “NECOLANTIS The space adventure of Rio and friends”, is also in production. Stay tuned!